​​Amazing "South Africa & Egypt" 

Southern   Italy  Amalfi   Coast, the   Island   of   Ischia   and   Sunny   Sicily



September 2-12, 2018 - The Burgess Groups Adventure will be a 12 Day Tour of "Amazing South Africa".


​​See Trip Highlights and Itinerary below. So you can plan your calendars, make reservations and installments or full payments. This will be another " Trip of a Life Time and surely on your Bucket List"! See Itinerary below. Cost: $5,999 per person. Single Supplement:$1,100.



"Southern Italy Amalfi Coast, the Island of Ischia and Sunny Sicily." October 12 - 20, 2018.


Our Tour of southern Italy will include the exciting Amalfi Coast, Island Ischia and warm Sicily. We need to know if you are interested in coming with us on this trip as soon as possible. We would like to hear from those of you who had not been to this part of Italy, or just want to return to do and see all the things and visit sights you did not get to see all over again from previous Italy visits by email or phone as soon as possible. See Itinerary below. Cost: $3,999 Per Person. Single Supplement: $835.


"Timeless Egypt, Thanksgiving and Nile Cruise" (9 Days) November 18 - 27, 2018.


This most comprehensive tour of ancient Egypt includes stay at the 5 star luxury Conrad Hotel with spa and casino overlooking the Nile, 2 blocks from the Egyptian Museum where Tutankhamun’s treasures and Rameses, the Great’s mummy are located. R/T nonstop air, flights inside Egypt, guides, site and museum admissions, breakfasts every day, 6 dinners and 3 lunches and 3 day deluxe cruise with entertainment over Thanksgiving. Visit Giza and Sakkara pyramids, Sphinx, Rameses, Hatshepsut and Tut’s Tombs in Valley of the Kings and Queens, Thebes and Luxor ancient capitals, Abu Simbel, Aswan Dam, Cairo’s famous Bazaar, Mosque and Citadel, other important historical sites and monuments along the Nile and a 1 Day Optional Tour to Alexandria with lunch where the Pharos Lighthouse once stood which was also one of the original 7 Wonders of the Ancient World like the Great Pyramids and where Alexander, the Great established this famous city, ruled by his Ptolemaic descendants including the infamous Cleopatra VII. This is the ultimate Egyptian Tour with me, who visited Egypt while studying Egyptian art history in college and at New York University Institute of Fine Arts. (See daily Itinerary below which includes hotels, specific sites, boat cruise and entertainment events). Cost:$3,999/person, Double Occupancy; Single Supplement: $900.



“Fun and Exciting Cuba” (7 Days) Cruise from the Port of Miami to Havana to see the various historic, cultural and political sites in 3 Cuban cities  and will take place in  2018 based on interest and reservation bookings.


Enjoy Cuban food, music, entertainment, internet services and amenities on board. Ship stops in Havana, Cienfuegos, and the southern city, Santiago de Cuba. Go back in time and experience renowned Afro-Cuban musical sounds, sites, stage shows, sip rum, buy cigars and enjoy meeting contemporary artists and educators of this remarkable Caribbean island country. There will be Ocean View and Interior  Cabins, available, double occupancy includes all expenses, fees, taxes and Cuban Visa. Balcony Ocean Views are also available at additional cost. Roundtrip Airfare to Miami must be arranged separately by passengers on their own.



Be sure let us know if you are interested in joining us on any and all of these Tours? Also, go to our “Contact Us” Page and tell us what cities and countries you would like to see and visit, how best to stay in contact with you by including your email and mailing addresses and telephone number and what time of year you would like to go? We will be updating our Website with more information about 2018 and 2019 Tours and Costs, so continue to regularly checkout our Website for these important updates.


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