One of our 2019 Adventures will be to fun and exciting Cuba.



Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and the closest to the United States. It has a long and rich history of music, dance, art and culture that continues to thrive and attract visitors from around the world. For over a week we will visit, explore and experience this festive neighboring country, savoring the mojitos like the famous American writer Ernest Hemingway did, see the shows and join in the conga lines to the famous Afro-Cuban musical sounds and enjoy the tropical fruits and foods long well popularized. We will meet artists, musicians and educators to get firsthand insights into what has transpired over the last fifty years, what is going today and the future aspirations and trends in Cuba. We will also hangout at the beach because the weather is warm there when it’s cold here, while enjoying sumptuous rum and bring back their famous cigars as souvenirs.

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