Catello di Porciano, Stia Tuscany

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Rome, Florence  & VENICE  Tour (October 7-16, 2015)


Our 1st adventure was to visit three of my favorite cities outside

the United States, Florence, Rome and Venice.

Why Florence, well I first visited this magical city of the Renaissance when I

was 18, just a few years ago mind you, when my college girlfriend and I

spent our junior year abroad traveling throughout Iceland, Europe, the Middle

East and east Africa before settling in our college’s Italian Study Program in

Florence. Florence was such an eye opener for us, the cradle of the

rebirth of learning and the arts in Western Europe after the middle ages.

Everyone, who was anyone lived here, Dante, Michelangelo, Leonardo,

Raphael, Botticelli, the Medici and Galileo.


While we were in Florence we visited the heart and soul of this famous

destination. The 14th century Duomo and Baptistery, the David's by

Michelangelo in the Academia and Donatello at the Bargelo, the large

and small Medici palaces, library and church tombs. We met noble and

contemporary Florentines who guided us through their great city. They

introduced us to special Tuscan cooking recipes (including our own

demonstration in their homes), classic wines of the region tastings

overlooking the city and an itinerary of gardens, restaurants that

only Florentine’s go to dine and markets many never see. Trust me;

everything we did was first class.




TRIp   itinerary  information:

Why Venice? There is no other city like Venice because it is completely on water. There are no

cars and the only means of transportation is by boat or gondola through its complex of narrow

canals, bridges and many islands. Since the time of Marco Polo in the 13th century, Venice has

been an international crossroads for east-west trade and commerce. In addition to it being a

city of fantasy and intrigue, famous characters such as Casanova and more recently Peggy

Guggenheim have lived there. Many operas and masquerade balls have been staged in

Venice and notable writers and artists have produced their most beknown works there.

There is a special quality about Venice that once you have experienced it, it never leaves you.

Why Rome? For over 2000 years Rome has been on every educated human’s

radar for its rich and exciting history, pageantry and legacy. The Forum, the

Christian catacombs, St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican with the Sistine Ceiling

and Pieta by Michelangelo and moon rocks given to the Pope by President Nixon,

the Coliseum, the Borghese Gardens, the Spanish Steps, and who can’t forget

casting coins in the celestial Trevi Fountains. We tasted delicious southern Italian

cuisine and wines that complimented delicious feast of foods. There was time to

stroll this ancient city on our own to visit sites and hear sounds for the first time

or again to reclaim the experience from past visits, movies, and books.


Grand Canal
St. Mark's Basilica
Rialto Bridge
Bridge of Sighs
Peggy Guggenheim Museum
Glass Shop & Factory, Murano
International Art Biennale

TRIp   itinerary  information: