Our 1st Adventure included Rome, Florence and Venice. We will return annually to this favorite of Italian cities. Check our Tour dates, itineraries and costs.


For over 2000 years this city has been on every educated human’s radar for its rich and exciting history, pageantry and legacy. The Forum, the Christian catacombs, St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican with the Sistine Ceiling and Pieta by Michelangelo and moon rocks given to the Pope by President Nixon, the Coliseum, the Borghese Gardens, the Spanish Steps, and who can’t forget to cast coins in the celestial fountains of Piazza Navona. Delicious southern Italian cuisine and wines will be yours to feast and taste. There will be time to stroll this ancient city on your own to visit sites and hear sounds for the first time or again to reclaim the experience from your past visits, movies, and books.

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